Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011 Maître Cuisinier de France

Christophe HATON (FR)

Christoph HATON (FR) – Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011 Maître Cuisinier de France

Christoph HATON (FR) – Best Worker in France 2011Teacher / Cooking Coach at FERRANDI Paris After an apprenticeship at the Sarthe, I spent several seasons in France before joining Jean-Jacques MATHOU (MOF), then the Chef Gérard VIE at the “Trianon Palace” in Versailles – Restaurant “Les Trois Marches, ** Michelin”. For 10 years, from employee to cooking assistant, I have been learning and developing my profession, my passion: gourmet cuisine. After founding a company, I worked for 2 years at the “Pierre au Palais Royal * Michelin” in Paris, for Jean-Paul ARABIAN, as sous chef, then as Chef de Cuisine. I wanted to share the passion of my profession, which always takes me forward, almost 18 years ago, with others by being a cooking teacher at TECOMAH, one of the schools of the Ile de France Regional Chamber of Commerce, and then, for 5 years, at FERRANDI Paris. Today I continue the cuisine that I love: high gastronomy, while I train students. Through these schools, I participated in various fairs such as SIAL, Equip’Hôtel (VIP restaurant), Eurotoques, SIRHA (demonstrations at the METRO VIP stand), and was also responsible for the dinner of the CCIP elected representatives and their various boards of directors.For some years now I have been in charge of various competitions within the school: the DELAVEYNE Trophy with Frabrice PROCHASSON (MOF), the TAITTINGER competition (until 2009) and also the supervision of competitions for apprentices (winner of the competition “La Cuillère en Or”, winner of the competition “Les Chefs en Or”)….I also run cookery courses for amateurs, short courses for qualified staff as part of their training and I am also very active as a consultant in France and abroad (card making, opening sales outlets – advice)…).2011 will be the year in which my work will be put into concrete terms with the award “One of the best workers in France”, thanks to the support of Jean-Yves FERRAGU (MOF Finalist 2000), Jenny JACQUET (MOF Finalist), Bernard LEPRINCE (MOF), Jean-Pierre TOULEJBIEZ (MOF), Arnaud FAYE (MOF, winner of the DELAVEYNE trophy and Master of the Golden Goat), Jean-Baptiste MARTIN (School “Cuisine Coup de Cœur”).During all these years I had the opportunity to attend several culinary demonstrations in Dallas (1 month), Detroit (2 weeks), Casablanca (2 weeks), Istanbul (Turkey) for Gastronometro or Pontevedra (Spain) during various educational trips. 2 dinners were recently organised in Kazakhstan for the French Embassy. Dinners where ambassadors from other countries, the European ambassador and companies very important for the country such as Total, culinary demonstrations for Transgourmet, Delifrance (Dubai and Shanghai) were invited, so I suggest that you use my skills, my knowledge and above all my passion for culinary advice, card making, restaurant openings, staff training….

La cuisine : une passion, la transmission

Foto Credit: Xavier RENAULDULD