Restaurant Tilia * Michelin

Chris OBERHAMMER (Dolomites)

Chris Oberhammer * Michelin

The story begins many years ago in South Tyrol, Italy, when little Chris was already hanging out in the kitchen of his parents’ house, enchanted by his mother’s kitchen, which offered “simple, traditional dishes, but above all tasty ones that are hard to find today”. 14 years old Chris discovered a more refined and sought-after cuisine when he worked in a 4-star hotel: “The best of the region. It was the time of new cuisine. We offered very small portions and the prices were exaggerated. Then, at the age of 18, “I went to Belgium, to the Maison du Boeuf in Brussels, and I made my first experiences in a star restaurant”. Then he went to work in the three-star restaurant Villa Lorraine, which is now closed. Chris Oberhammer continues his journey to Monaco to grow and gain experience at a high level. He then joined the prestigious Louis XV Brigade led by Alain Ducasse. Here Chris will refine the identity of his cuisine – a precise cuisine that does justice to the depth of taste. In 2000, Chris decided to return to his roots and return to his homeland to promote and cultivate the local cuisine and products of South Tyrol. Tilia Restaurant:In the small town of Dobbiaco in the state of Bolzano, in the heart of the Dolomites, there is a unique destination for lovers of good food. It is the Restaurant Tilia by Chef Chris Oberhammer, which was awarded a Michelin star in 2007. Aesthetics, concentration and depth of taste are the most appropriate words to characterize Chris Oberhammer’s cuisine and his “workshop” of taste. Situated in the heart of the Grand Hotel de Toblach park, in the hotel’s former outbuilding, a true cube of glass and steel, Chris’ concern and talent bring to life the magnificent sculptures he creates in moments of acousmia. Art and sculpture are his second passion. The “Lounge Bar” has 5 comfortable tables surrounded by small armchairs and sofas. Chris realizes what he has always done well: Cooking. Alone in the kitchen. Following the example of his former masters, he met with the Netherlands, France and Monaco. Today, albeit in small numbers, the chef has not given up any of his creativity, although he has brought his kitchen as close as possible to the resources of the territory. It begins with pasta and beans and ends with sériole, served with sweet peas, beetroot cream and cucumber sorbet. South Tyrolean spelt is served with foie gras and black truffle. Absolutely à la carte to discover: the local pig and its small vegetables; the minestrone of peach and fresh fruit, peach sorbet and bergamot.

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