La Renaissance (FR) * Michelin

Arnauld VIEL (FR)

Arnauld VIEL  * Michelin

Normandie Toques  2001 – Since 2002 member of the Culinary Academy of France , 2006 development and implementation of a collection of recipes for the National Distribution “LE PETIT” 2005 member of the JRE 2006 promotion ” CHAMPÉRARD” Region Normandy 2008 Guide “Ominivore Carnet de Route” , Since 2009 in the “Guide Fooding” “TABLES REMARQUABLES” award of the group Alain Ducasse , realization of a cookbook with the title “MA CUISINE DES LÉGUMES” Master Chef Krankreichs 2012 Participation in gastronomic events at home and abroad among others at the “RENCONTRES GASTRONOMIQUES D’AGADIR” Childhood:Born in Fleuré (61200) on 3. July 1971 Mason Dad / Nanny Mom. Primary school in Fleuré. College in Argentine (61200) Passionate to become his desire since the age of 8, butcher or cook. During the holidays, he went to the butcher’s shop in Boucé, killed pigs on the farms.learning:CAP – BEP at Flora Tristan High School in Ferté Macé with chef Jacques Angot.CAP pastry / chocolate / confectionery.❍ PARIS chef, then half chef with Pierre Miecaze at Sofitel Cnit in La Défense who passes through all the posts (pantry, hot and pastry).❍ ARGENTANIC The Abbey Inn:When he returned from the army in 1992, he opened “L’Auberge de l’ancienne abbaye” together with his mother, where he worked as a cook for six and a half years.The Renaissance:In October 1998, together with his wife, they acquired “La Renaissance”, the landmark of the city. The latter was closed for 2 years. In 2015, 6 bedrooms were built in the outbuildings with swimming pool and spa. In 2016, he was awarded the Michelin star. The abbey bistro: In November 1998, Arnaud closed “L’Auberge de l’Abbaye” and transformed it into a bistro where his mother worked with a chef for 6 years. He builds the cards and his mother will sell them in September 2002. Marias Tresen: In October 2014 he buys a pizzeria in Argentan. Opening January 2015 “Le Comptoir de Maria”, bistro of the chef. An institution that has been close to Arnaud’s heart since his mother founded the city’s first pizzeria in these premises in 1984. He lived and practiced his first weapons in his childhood from the age of 13. cookbooks by Arnaud Viel :- “My Vegetable Kitchen” preface by Michel Onfray, illustrations by Agnès Taisne, December 2011. – Preparation of a cookbook for the 20th anniversary of the Renaissance, publication September 2019.

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