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Eugenioi BOER (I)

Eugenio BOER – [bu:r] Milano (I)

THE KITCHEN OF EUGENIO BOER – From[bu:r] the chef offers “his” kitchen, which consists of many influences, but from solid foundations, to define them we could use the adjective “conceptual”: In fact, in his menu Boer wanted to eliminate the dishes in order to propose “concepts of tasting” that were presented in a circular way to remember the form of the dish and the cyclicity of life, characterized by a series of concentric events, each “concept” containing a series of dishes that the guest can discover.In total, there are eight “concepts” – Nino Bergese, Waste don’t Waste, Think Green, The Sea, My Classics, The Journey, La Cuisine du Marché, Taverna SantoPalato – and they express Boers’ personal cuisine, which springs from the chef’s emotions in his access to the world and the people around him, a menu that relates to the past as a function of the future, a tribute to the chefs who have contributed to his training, which changes according to the season and the emotions experienced by the chef.

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